Statistics and Staffing

The Grand Traverse Metro Emergency Services Authority covers an area of more than 95 square miles and population over 35,000. District boundaries are the township borders of Acme, East Bay and Garfield. The authority is supported by a voter approved property tax assessment of  XXXXX per hundred dollars of assessed valuation.

The full-time and part-time staff provides 24 hour coverage. Equipment is located at five stations:

  • Station No. 1 located at 843 Industrial Circle
  • Station No. 8 located at 6042 Acme Rd
  • Station No. 9 located at 110 High Lake Rd
  • Station No. 11 located at 3000 Albany Dr
  • Station No. 12 located at 2025 N East Silver Lake Rd

Administrative offices are located at 897 Parsons Rd

Main equipment and staffing includes:

5 – Engines
5 – Tankers
5 – Medical Response Suburbans
1 – Aerial/Ladder Truck
3 – Brush Units
1 – Water Rescue
2 – Heavy Rescue
1 – Hazardous Materials Response Unit
1 – Rehab Unit

1 – Fire Chief
1 – Assistant Chief – Operations
1 – Assistant Chief/Fire Marshall – Prevention
5 – Station Captains
8 – Station Lieutenants
75+ – Firefighters (Full-time and Part-time)
1 – Office Manager and 1 Administrative Assistant
3 – Chaplains
1 – Medical Director
1 – Health and Safety officer and 2 Safety Officers

We respond to all Fire, Rescue and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) calls within the district. Normal response time is 4–5 minutes. Grand Traverse Metro Emergency Services Authority has mutual aid agreements with all surrounding fire departments.

100% of our firefighters are state-certified. Firefighters train on a daily and weekly basis throughout the year and also attend training courses at the locate, state and federal level.

The Grand Traverse Metro Emergency Services Authrity is very active in the community with fire prevention, public education, M.D.A. fund raising, fire inspections, code enforcement and many other areas. With the rapid growth of new commercial and residential buildings, the personnel of the district remain committed to meeting the life safety needs of the community.

Traverse City is one of the fastest growing cities in the state and continues to be the target of publications talking about the rich and diverse atmosphere located in Traverse City. Traverse City is a vacation destination known throughout the world and the population increases are suggesting it’s also becoming a highly desired place to live among all age groups. The department carries a class 4 Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating throughout the rest of the district.