Located in Northern Michigan, Grand Traverse Metro Emergency Services Authority is a unique fire department that consists of three former township fire departments. Grand Traverse Metro Emergency Services Authority now operates as one department that covers Acme, East Bay and Garfield Townships.

Disposing of Mercury Products Safely

A recent hazardous materials call involving Mercury clean-up has prompted the Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department to advise local residents on the proper disposal of products or equipment containing Mercury, along with safety tips in handling those products.

According to Metro’s Assistant Chief Terry Flynn, “Mercury, in its many forms, is not an element to mess around with”. He states “Mercury is a silver liquid and is still found in equipment in our everyday life. Mercury was once used in a variety of household items, but we now know that Mercury is harmful to your health and the health of your family. How big a problem depends on the form of the mercury, how much is present, and who is being exposed to it, like a child or a pregnant woman”.

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Brush Drop-off Site Open

Grand Traverse County Resource Recovery brush drop-off site opens this week. County residents, for a fee, can drop off branches, grass clippings, untreated construction wood and more. The site, located at 2471 N Keystone Rd, will be open Tuesdays from noon to 7pm and Thursdays and Saturdays from 9am to 3pm. Call 941-5555 for more information.

Safe Neighborhood Campaign

Unless you see a fire start, you can only find out there is a fire if you’re awake to smell the smoke. If you happen to be asleep, a smoke alarm is the only way to save your life and the lives of everyone sleeping in your home. Smoke alarms are intended to sound an alarm when they sense smoke. Smoke rises so place the alarms near the celling or directly onto the ceiling. Make sure there is a smoke alarm on every level of the home, inside each bedroom, and outside each sleeping area. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for installation and lifespan of smoke alarms.

Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department is invested into helping to ensure that all residents have properly working smoke alarms. Find out how we can help! Read More

Call Statistics

2011 2012 2013 2014
Metro Wide 3,987 4,259 4,228 1,147
Station 1 767 974 1,000 266
Station 8 508 604 571 182
Station 9 219 185 96 24
Station 11 2,028 1,628 1,573 432
Station 12 465 868 888 243
Acme Township 434 471 543 145
East Bay Township 623 801 764 212
Garfield Township 2,879 2,949 2,881 776
Out of District
City of Traverse City, Blair TWP, Peninsula TWP and Grand Traverse Rural Fire Dept.
113 84 81 18

Burn Permit Status:
Permits are being issued
Last Updated: 4-21-2014
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